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Sassoli, the memory of Emma Bonino: “I was very impressed by her reserve”

«The premature death of the President of the European Parliament pains all those who knew and respected him. First in his role as a journalist and politician and then as President of the European Parliament I think he has grown a lot, also as a result of appreciation by the European chancelleries ». These are the words of the senator of More Europe Emma Bonino, to remember the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, who died on 11 January while he was hospitalized in the Oncohematology department of the Friulian Cancer Institute in Aviano. On January 14, the state funeral took place in Rome, inside the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

«He, who gives convinced pro-European, he was strongly persuaded of the necessary strengthening of the institution he presided over, trying to promote the right role that belongs to a parliament, that is, the possibility of having legislative initiative. Efforts were made to ensure that this proposal was accepted by the Conference on the future of Europe, which, however, does not have institutional reform among its points ”.

Several years ago, the President of the European Parliament was struck by a blood cancer and therefore underwent a bone marrow transplant. Last November, after legionella pneumonia, David Sassoli had told in a video the journey he took with the doctors, thanking them for the many attentions, as well as thanking his parliamentary colleagues and the many people who had shown closeness in the last period. With the wish to embrace again soon.

From a character point of view, President Sassoli struck me a lot for his reserve about the disease. As well as the always calm but decisive tones, initially mistaken for a fact of weakness, which demonstrated how Sassoli tried to promote the founding values ​​of the Union, for example and among other things also on refugees and migrants, convinced that only with more politics can we all be together to face the challenges we face, which will certainly accompany us for the future ».

«He did it with firmness but I have never heard him neither scream nor is he treating people badly, on the contrary, making it a trait of humanity and this, with the passage of time, has been very much appreciated almost entirely by the parliamentary spectrum, including the opponents. I am convinced that Italy’s destiny is linked to that of the European Union and he certainly understood this. This is also why we will miss him ».

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