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The songs of Sanremo 2022 (first listen)

«The Sanremo of the restart? For heaven’s sake, we also said it last year. Let’s say that I would like a middle ground between last year and 2019 ». Less than two weeks from the starting whistle, Amadeus is ready, indeed very ready for his treble. The artistic director of Sanremo 2022, at the Ariston from 1st to 5th February, takes all possible care in presenting the 25 songs in the race at the first listen. In the studio in Milan, in connection with Rome. After all, he made it clear from its first edition: first of all the music, the songs. This year there is a lot of pop and a little less rock (no Maneskin to be clear). There are young people, the very young and those who already occupy an important place in the history of Italian music. From Sangiovanni to Rkomi, passing through Mahmood and Blanco. From Gianni Morandi, Iva Zanicchi and Massimo Ranieri to Highsnob and Hu.

In the lyrics there is a lot of feeling, a lot of love, and even more desire for lightness. The pandemic, if not for a few rare incursions, remains out. Here the stanzas that have already remained in our heads.

«Sta vita is a roller coaster. Romance, not rather a porno », she sings Achille Lauro in Sunday. While Giusy Ferreri with Honey pauses the catchphrases: “And love doesn’t go away, it flies away but then comes back to you.” Michele Bravi back to Ariston with Flower winter: “And if we were seasons, winter would come. The winter of flowers ».

For Rkomi is Unsurpassed: «Love for me is that lapse of time, the message on your lips».
Irama for the second year in a row it is Wherever you will be: «If you are wind you will sing». Bis below also for Noemi with I love you I don’t know: “The more you look at me the more I think the word is the only bullet.”

Massimo Ranieri returns to Sanremo after 25 years with Letter beyond the sea: «Love you see so dark is this sea, too big not to tremble». Aka 7even with Perfect like this it is a hymn to self-esteem: “You are beautiful so so so, in your defects and imperfections”. For Emma Each time it is like this: “We are saints or whores and you don’t want to stay here or even run away.” Highsnob & Hu, unedited couple, sings Take care of yourself: “In this game when you win you lose.”

Iva Zanicchi, the only artist to have won the Festival three times, will take the stage with I want to love you: «I want to love you, I want to love you for love, to feel still alive in you». Dargen D’Amico pay homage to clubs, discos and the rhythm with Where do you dance. The answer? “Fuck it and dance, among the wreckage.” The Butterflies from Saint John: “I lost my emotions, do you find them again?” Yuman comes from Sanremo Giovani with Now and here: “I stop and enjoy the light, even if it were an instant.”

The representative of Lista does bye Bye: «The end of the world is a perfect carousel. The desire to party bursts in my heart ». Mahmood & Blanco, what a couple from Chills: “For an I love you I mixed drugs and tears.” Open all doors of the ex-boyfriend Gianni Morandi Jovanotti wrote it: “By dint of believing that evil will pass, I am passing by and he remains”.

Matteo Romano, ex young from Sanremo, debuts with Viral: “My heart is parked on full streets, empty houses.” The vibrations I’m at home at Ariston. Very, very much: “What we call love, how many times we pretend we don’t remember the name.” Fabrizio Moro you ask It is you: “You are the world that passes through my eyes.” Elisa it had been missing for a long time. Come back with Or maybe it’s you: “Maybe it looks like spring among all the mess.”

There Chemistry from Ditonellapiaga And Donatella Rector: «And don’t make me the moral that in the end, if God wills, it is only a question of chemistry». Also Giovanni Truppi speaks of love in Your father, my mother, Lucia: “To love you is to believe that what I will be will be with you.” Tananai and the Casual sex: “You were dancing with a guy, De Niro on the fifth shot.” Ana Mena And Two hundred thousand hours full dance: “We are good at continuing to hurt ourselves.”

There are five: Lorena Cesarini, Ornella Muti, Drusilla Foer, Sabrina Ferilli And Maria Chiara Giannetta. And the landlord tells her thus: “I let myself be guided by the desire to pay homage to the world of theater, fiction and cinema which has experienced difficult moments in this last period”.

No bombshell announcements during the listening day. This year, you know, the super guests arrive during the evening Tg1. Confirmed: Checco Zalone and Cesare Cremonini. “Fiorello? But maybe “, says Amadeus without unbalancing:” I’m only talking about those who are 100% there. For friends, the doors are not open, they are wide open ». What about last year’s winners, the Måneskin? “I don’t know, let’s hope, maybe.” The countdown can begin.

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