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find out how to choose it and how to feel it

Fitness and music

Working out with music: all the benefits (Getty Images)

When fitness and music they play together, the training has another rhythm. Sounds and musical timbre, in fact, influence ours bioenergetic impulses such as breathing, movement, brain waves and heartbeats. This is why accompanying physical activity with the right music can produce important benefits.

Fitness and music: the benefits for body and mind proven by science

Numerous studies have shown that fitness and music together improve concentration, mood and sense of fatigue. According to Thomas Hans Fritz, of the German Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, this also adds to a better muscle response. Those who train by listening to music can also adjust the blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is no coincidence that several gyms have based their offer on the basis of sound. At Barry’s, among the first to launch high intensity workouts (HIIT), classes are followed based on personal trainers’ playlists. And they are listened to at full volume under red lights that stimulate adrenaline.

Fitness and music: how to choose the right soundtrack

What are the songs more suitable for training? This was revealed by two scholars, Costas Karageorghis and Peter Terry, authors of the book “Inside sport psychology”.

Pop and rockand more generally music with a pounding rhythm, they can increase sports performance by up to 15%. This is because they stimulate endurance and help keep exercising longer. Even in the Max Planck Institute studio the music consisted of a series of synchronized loops at 130 beats per minute. For scholars they were the most appropriate for physical exercise. If you are looking for inspiration, here is the chart of the 100 most downloaded songs on Apple Music for fitness in 2021.

fitness and music

Echo Buds Amazon, the headphones with Alexa designed for fitness

Fitness and music: the best earphones for training

The right playlist depends on musical tastes but also on the type of training. Here because listen to music in headphones is the best solution for training. But not all earphones are the same: some have features designed specifically for sports.

Like the new wireless earphones Echo Buds from Amazon, which allow you to access Alexa features only with your voice. And to manage workout playlists for up to 5 hours without the use of hands. In addition, you can also receive updates on the progress made during the training with voice command. Even the earphones Beats Fit Pro they are designed for daily fitness: they offer three different listening modes, the automatic Play / Pause function, they are resistant to sweat and water. And the muscles thank you.



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