Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde: why it will offend everyone

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Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde: why it will offend everyone


Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, the film that, according to director Andrew Dominik, will offend everyone. Netflix has not yet announced the release date, yet it is already the most controversial film of the year: here’s why. Photo Ansa

The only certainty of Andrew Dominik is that his film “will offend everyone”. The director of the highly anticipated and talked about controversial Blonde has no doubts. The film of him does not yet have a release date, but has been stopped for two years. No one has seen it yet, but it is already off-limits to minors under 17. It stars a Cuban actress who personifies the quintessence of American femininity. Ana de Armas that becomes Marilyn Monroe. Triumph or disaster doesn’t matter (for now): this is a film that makes people talk. Will we see him in Venice 2022?

A film that does not want to be the son of the MeToo

Blonde was shot in 2019 to be released the following year. The pandemic has given us some of him, of course. But according to the director, the explanation is also another. “If it had come out a few years ago, it would have come out just when #MeToo was at its peak. And it would have been seen as an expression of that whole idea, ”Dominik told the magazine Voluture. Who interviewed him for anything else: the film about him Nick Cave. The reason? Certain shocking and explicit scenes. “It is not the representation of a happy sexuality. It is the representation of ambiguous situations ». Hence the decision to ban it to minors under 17 years of age. The first time for a film produced by Netflix.


Blonde forbidden to minors under 17: it will offend everyone

The director was surprised at the choice. But, he admits, “We are at a time when people are uncertain where the borders are. Blonde it’s a film that definitely has a morality about it. But it swims in very ambiguous waters because it’s not a clear-cut movie in its claims, as perhaps people would like it to be. There is something in Blonde which will offend everyone. “

What Blonde is talking about with Ana de Armas

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name Joyce Carol Oates (published in Italy by La Nave di Teseo), published in 2000, Blonde is a different portrait of Marilyn Monroe. More focused on the effects that fame has had on the beautiful young actress. «The idea behind Blonde is to describe in detail a childhood drama and the misconceptions that she carried with her in her adult life. So much to see the world through the lens of those ideas. Which required a split between a public self-image – one that could be loved. And a private one – who had no hope of achieving intimacy. She is not really looking at the world, she is looking at herself, ”continued the director. Already behind the camera of The murder of Jesse James at the hands of the coward Robert Ford (2007) and Cogan – Killing Them Softly (2012), both with Brad Pitt.

“On a simpler level, it is an unwanted child who becomes the most wanted person in the world. And that you can’t face all that desire that goes your way. “

Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Marilyn Monroe

Never like her: Marilyn Monroe.

When will we see Blonde?

always in the interview with Volture, Andrew Dominik has revealed that the film will certainly not be released until September. And considering the type of film, the launch is likely to happen during one of the fall festivals. The most important of which are the Venice Film Festival (from 31 August to 10 September) and the Toronto Film Festival (from 8 to 18 September). Will we see Marilyn on the red carpet of Venice 2022?



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