Moviexology: the summer 2022 trend for an aperitif

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Moviexology: the summer 2022 trend for an aperitif

This is the right weekend to celebrate the World Cocktail Day. Celebrated every May 13, it is a full day dedicated to drinks and the world of Mixology. An anniversary born in 1806, to celebrate the date of publication of the first definition of cocktail.

“A stimulating liqueur, made up of all kinds of aromas, sugar, water and bitters”. This was the description made by Harry Croswell in the New York tabloid The Balance and Colombian Repository.

A definition that has become decidedly complicated over the years and that is preparing to be revolutionized during the summer of 2022. The new trend, in fact, is the Moviexology, a journey through taste, art and creativity.

That of the staff of The Box Riccione and of the bartending world champion Bruno Vanzan, who guide the palate (and the sense of smell) through the evocative power of mixology is that of cinema. 100 years of history of the seventh art and 10 cocktails: a combination ready to go viral.

1940 - Lili Marlene

Moviexology: from the Great Gatsby to Kill Bill

“Celebrating at the same time the historicity of cinema and the power of mixology was an opportunity that I absolutely did not want to miss,” says Bruno Vanzan. An innovative project with an important cultural value, which wants to inspire people to enjoy their freedom of expression. And make summer 2022 unforgettable.

To do this, you will need to be inspired by the best revelers in the history of cinema. “Only one Gatsby“, For example, it is inspired by the iconic literary character created by Francis Scott Fitzgerald as it is by that of Robert Redford. A refreshing mix based on cucumber-infused gin, historic green, herbal liqueur, lime and soda. Or the James Dean of “Wasted Youth”, represented by burnt grappa alla lemongrass.

1950 - Burned Youth 2

“To crown this journey between arts so different from each other, cinematography and mixology”, says Vanzan, “I wanted to bring to Riccione my two iconic cocktails that have symbolized my career“. The Moviexology themed tour, in fact, ends with “Sushi Martini“- the cocktail that earned him the IBA world title – and the “MOV“, The iconic purple drink, unique in Italian mixology.

Discover the 10 cocktails created by Bruno Vanzan in collaboration with The Box Riccione and choose your favorite for summer 2022.


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