Separated at birth: royal doubles are among the stars

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Separated at birth: royal doubles are among the stars

Princesses or stars of the entertainment world? Heirs to the throne or celeb? Difficult to answer in some cases. Because, if it is true that most or all of us have at least one double in the world, royals are no exception. Going on the hunt for clones in the world of stars, for example, it is impossible not to notice the striking resemblance between Charlene of Monaco and actress Charlize Theron (not only in the name): from the color of the hair and eyes to the oval of the face, they really look like sisters. And what about the Prince Harry and singer Ed Sheeran? They are such and such. Then Charlotte Casiraghi: her resemblance to supermodel Sara Sampaio it is extraordinary. Pierre Casiraghi’s double? Jude Law. Virtually separated at birth.

separated at birth Charlene of Monaco Sara Sampaio

Brown hair and light eyes, heart-shaped mouth, highlighted cheekbones, the same look: Charlotte Casiraghi and Sara Sampaio look like sisters. Only difference: the nose. Sara’s is more pointed and pronounced (Ipa)

Separated at birth like Charlene of Monaco and Charlize Theron

As sisters. South African Charlene of Monaco and Charlize Theron couldn’t be more alike.

Charlene of Monaco - Charlize Theron IPA

Charlene of Monaco and Charlize Theron: impossible not to notice the great similarity between the princess and the actress (Ipa)

Both 177 cm tall, both blondieshort and thick hair with a rock hair look, same light eyes, same oval of the face. To the point that we may struggle to distinguish them when they hide behind a hat or large sunglasses. Lovers of nude make-up, except for the lipstick that they show off only on a few important occasions.

Royal girls and celebs compared

The examples between princesses and very similar stars are many. Magdalene of Sweden, for example, looks a lot like the American host and actress Maria Menounos: same angular face, same hair look. Beatrice Borromeo? Such as to Sarah Gadon. And what about Kate Middleton?

separated at birth: Kate Middleton and Keri Russell Ipa

Kate Middleton and Keri Russell (Ipa)

There Duchess of Cambridge has two double in the entertainment world: there are those who notice a certain resemblance to the actress Lauren Conrad and who compares it, instead to Keri Russell. All three, in fact, have the same long dark hair with soft waves and greenish eyes. Cheekbones, nose and smile are also very similar.

The star clones of the royal boys

Even the most beautiful princes of the realm have lookalikes among the stars of the silver screen and music. It seems to you, for example, that the prince Carl Philip of Sweden, for example, it has a lot in common with the star of Fifty Shades of Gray, Jamie Dornan?

Separated at birth Carl Philiph Sweden Jamie Dornan Ipa

The double of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden? Jamie Dornan (Ipa)

The two have not only the same features, but also the same way of wearing the beard, pronounced but not too much. And what about the heartthrob smile? Prince Joachim of Belgium, on the other hand, is just like another star: Tom Felton, well-known face of Harry Potter.

Discover other royals with clones in the entertainment world in the gallery.


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