Brad Pitt confession: he always felt alone

Brad Pitt confession: he always felt alone

Too much taken up by the contemplation of that beautiful face, we hadn’t noticed it. Or, perhaps, we realized it and, for this very reason, we found it even more fascinating. The veil of melancholy of the blue eyes of Brad Pitt there has always been. Youth and smiles tended to hide it. Maturity and traumatic experiences no. Now it is he himself who makes it explicit: “All my life I have always felt alone.”

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s confession is unsettling: the actor says he has always felt alone, all his life. Only since he began to accept the good and the bad has he “hugged” family and friends. That is since he divorced Angelina Jolie. Photo Ansa

The latter part of Brad Pitt’s career as an actor

The long interview granted to the American GQ starts from the assumption that Brad Pitt feels like a finished actor. «I am entering the last part of my career. Who knows what it will be like, ”he explains. Certainly adrenaline-pumping, watching the trailer for his latest film, Bullet Train, which we will see at the end of August. “I’m one of those creatures who speak through art. I want to continually “do”. If I’m not doing something it’s a bit like I’m dying ». Thankfully he continues to do: he is one of the most prolific producers in Hollywood!

Brad Pitt’s loneliness

“I’ve always felt very alone in my life. I was alone when I was growing up as a child, alone here too (in Los Angeles, where he lives, ed). It’s been a short time since I threw myself into the arms of my friends and family, ”explains the 58-year-old star. “Joy was a more recent discovery, which came later in life. I always moved with the currents, drifting to one side and then the other. I think I’ve spent years with a mild depression. And I wasn’t able to capture those moments of joy until I came to terms with this, trying to embrace all sides of myself – the good and the bad. ‘ Which he has within himself, of course.

“What’s that quote? It was Rilke’s or Einstein’s, believe it or not, something about when you can walk with paradox, when you carry true pain and joy inside at the same time, this is maturity, this means growing up ».

Life after the divorce from Angelina Jolie

Always careful not to name her directly (and not even their 6 children), Angelina Jolie is a major catalyst in Brad Pitt’s life. Their divorce was the push to quit drinking – he’s been sober for six years, he announces. To radically change your lifestyle. To make that inner journey and get to accept yourself.

brad pitt and angelina jolie square photo ansa (1)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they were still a close couple. Photo Ans


Which, said by someone who, at least on paper, has everything a man (or woman) could want, risks sounding too politically correct. Instead, he puzzles once again: “I’m a killer. I am a lover. I have the ability to feel great empathy and I can sink into meanness, ”she explains. “All our hearts are broken.”



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