Michael J. Fox will receive the 2023 Honorary Oscar

Michael J. Fox will receive the 2023 Honorary Oscar

Michael J. Fox

The Academy has chosen Michael J. Fox as one of the four honorary Oscars 2023: in November the ceremony that rewards his commitment against Parkinson’s disease. Alongside him, among others, also the director of The fleeting moment, Peter Weir. Getty photo

And the Oscar goes to … Michael J. Fox! The Academy has chosen the actor among the 5 personalities of the world of cinema who will be celebrated and awarded next November with an honorary Oscar. And not just any one. But the prestigious Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. The prize awarded “to a personality from the world of film arts and sciences whose humanitarian efforts have brought prestige to the film industry”. The appointment is for November 19, 2022. That is in the middle of autumn, as it always was until the outbreak of the pandemic.

Humanitarian Honorary Oscar to Michael J. Fox

A very important recognition for the actor. For his “tireless drive to research on Parkinson’s disease”, he explains, in fact, David Rubin, president of the Academy’s Board of Governors. That is, the governing body of the Oscars (and which he excommunicated, for example Will Smith). “Michael J. Fox, coupled with his boundless optimism, is the perfect example of the impact a person has in changing the future for millions of other people.”

From Casa Keaton and Back to the Future to Parkinson’s Disease

Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 after he noticed some symptoms while filming Doc Hollywood (1991). He made it public seven years later. When acting began to get very difficult for him. Around that time he founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation, an organization created to help advance disease research. Since 2000 he has raised a monstrous figure: 1 billion dollars. And, thanks to the popularity conquers with the sitcom Keaton House and with the cult saga of Back to the Futuremade known to the world the extent of the problem.

michael ja fox 1

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in a scene from Back to the Future (1985).

Since the early 2000s, his appearances as an actor have been few and far between. But he never really stopped acting altogether. That it was in the series Scrubs or The Good Wife. Boston legal or Curb Your Enthusiasm. In 2009 she even won an Emmy for her participation in the series Rescue me.

Honorary Oscars 2023: from Peter Weir to Diane Warren

Now, finally, the greatest recognition: an Oscar. But Michael J. Fox won’t be alone. Because the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will deliver another 3 honorary Oscars. To the directors Peter Weir and Euzhan Palcyand the singer-songwriter Diane Warren.

Australian Weir has been nominated for an Oscar six times, including four as director of Witness – The witness (1986), The fleeting moment (1990), The Truman Show (1999) and Master and Commander – Challenge at the edge of the sea (2004).

robin williams

Robin Williams in a scene from The Fleeting Moment (1989).

La Palcy, a French from Martinique, made the history of the 1983 Venice Film Festival, when her first feature film, Street of the negre huts, won the Silver Lion. First ever black director to win that award. In Hollywood, on the other hand, she worked with Susan Sarandon And Marlon Brando in A dry white season (1989), last Oscar nomination for the great actor.

Warren, on the other hand, is something of a legend. 13 nominations for best song and never an award. The latest for Somehow You Do for the movie Four good days (2021). But the year before she was also the co-author along with Laura Pausini from I do (Seen) for Life ahead of him from Edoardo Ponti.


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