Pierce Brosnan, son Paris: the environmental spot

Pierce Brosnan, son Paris: the environmental spot

Born in Ireland, raised in Great Britain, lived in Los Angeles, he chose Hawaii as a place for his soul. And on the islands in the middle of the Pacific, the effects of global pollution are literally tangible. Every time he goes to the beach. Or take a bath. From the height of his status as a world film star, Pierce Brosnan he was convinced by the youngest of his 5 children, Paris Brosnan, the family activist, to use his popularity for good. Become a testimonial of the environment. The result was a commercial that warns against the indiscriminate use of plastic. Here it is above.

Pierce Brosnan family: wife and children

Pierce Brosnan with his son Paris Brosnan. The real activist is the little one of the house, Paris, who has clear ideas: he wants to save the world. This is how he convinced his father to follow him. Photo Ansa

Pierce Brosnan’s appeal: plastic is forever

The slogan is stolen from diamonds. Plastic is also forever. But if the first, best friends of women, do not pollute, the petroleum derivatives do. “Plastic is forever … so it’s time to be smart in handling it,” say father and son. «We are facing a planetary crisis: climate change, air pollution, loss of biodiversity. Fossil fuel-based plastics contribute to all three environmental issues ”.

“Most single-use plastics are produced using fossil fuels (coal, oil or natural gas) and are not biodegradable. The future is bioplastics, which are biodegradable and often made from corn, sugar cane, hemp, and even plant-based oils. Most plastic is denser than seawater, which is why it sinks to the ocean floor, where it breaks down into tiny pieces known as microplastics. ‘ Which are eaten by fish. What do we eat. No animal does any good to eat plastic.

“Did you know that we breathe up to 7,000 microplastics every day?” Asks Pierce Brosnan in the video. “Or that 83 percent of tap water and 90 percent of bottled water contain plastic particles?” Echoes his son.

Terry O'Neill

Pierce Brosnan in James Bond version.

Pierce Brosnan has a special request for all of us

The commercial by Pierce and Paris Brosnan is produced in association with the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention. That is, three multilateral environmental agreements managed by the United Nations Environment Program that focus on protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals and waste.

The Basel Convention is the only international treaty that legally binds 189 countries to implement strict controls for the cross-border movement of plastics. The plastic waste amendments of the Basel Convention are a stepping stone towards the creation of a legally binding international agreement to end plastic pollution. For this reason, father and son ask everyone to support the work of these associations.

Who is Paris Brosnan, the last son of the former James Bond

Born in 2001, Paris Brosnan is the little one of the house. The last of the five children of the ex James Bond Pierce Brosnan. Born of his second marriage, that of him with the journalist Keely Shaye Brosnan. But he is also the one who has always had very clear ideas about what he wants to do in life: change the world.

The Brosnan family activist followed in mom and dad’s footsteps. “I was very inspired by my family, by my brother Dylan and my friends, who are all creative, honest and authentic people, “said the young filmmaker and model at 18 in 2019. On the evening when he presented his short film about Sri Lankan children suffering from hunger. “My mother has a great passion for the environment and my father has always been a philanthropist, he supports the rescue of whales and has worked with Jane Goodall“.

Pierce Brosnan family: wife and children

Pierce Brosnan in 1985 with his first wife Cassandra Harris, who died in 1991 of ovarian cancer, and the actress’s two children, Charlotte and Christopher, whom the star will adopt in 1986 upon the death of their biological father. Relationships with Christopher have been non-existent for years, due to the man’s drug abuse. Getty photo

Pierce Brosnan’s family: 2 wives and 5 children

It is certainly a very close family that of Pierce Brosnan. Who got married for the first time in 1980 to the Australian actress Cassandra Harris. She had met her as soon as she got out of drama school. And, she tells her, she was too beautiful to think that someone like him could court her. Instead, in 1983 their only son was born, Sean. But they are also part of the family Charlotte and Christopher. The children that the actress of For your eyes only (1981) had had from previous marriage. Pierce raised them as her children, so much so that he formally adopted them in 1986 upon the death of their biological father.

But in 1991 the tragedy: Cassie dies of ovarian cancer. “When your partner gets cancer, life changes,” she will tell years later. “The passing of time, the normal daily routines and the way you see life, all this changes. Because you are dealing with death. It has been and is a terrible loss, and I see it reflected, from time to time, in my children. ‘

In 1994 Pierce Brosnan met the American journalist Keely Shaye Smith, with whom he married in 2001. They have two children, Dylan, born in 1997, and Paris, in 2001. They live between Los Angeles and Hawaii, while he becomes everyone effects an international star. In 2013 the other great tragedy in the life of the former James Bond. Charlotte, Cassandra’s daughter, dies of the same tumor that had already taken away her mother. She was 42 years old.



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