How to use a scarf in the summer: 6 unusual ways

How to use a scarf in the summer: 6 unusual ways

When you think about how to use a scarf in the summer, a lot of ways come to mind but all relegated to the upper body. That is to say to the head and neck. It is in fact a winning idea to wear it like a bandana, a turban, wrapped around the face like a diva of the past, knotted on the back or braided with the hair. As well as tied around the neck in different shapes. But you have to give your imagination a little more space. There are tons of other ways to use a foulard in the summer, unusual and high fashion potential. Little tricks of styling that give an extra twist. And they create amazing and trendy outfits with minimal effort. Here are six to try now.

In pareo skirt mode

This is one way to use the foulard perfect when you have a very large model. To the sea can act as cover-upoff the beach it becomes one pareo skirt in deluxe version and colorful. And the great thing is that it can be folded in order to choose the desired length depending on the occasion or mood. From the classic midi skirt to that miniskirt version. Even combined with a simple T-shirt it will create an ultra-feminine and chic look.

how to use a scarf in summer natalia verza

How to use a foulard in summer: Natalia Verza wears a maxi by Louis Vuitton as if it were a sarong skirt.

Like a top

Transform a foulard in a top has almost become a craze among trend setters all over the world. Because it is a simple and quick gesture that makes your own protagonist of the look silk yoke favorite. Just fold it on the diagonal, wear it like a bandeau top and tie it on the back. Nothing else is needed to create a sensual and impactful outfit. Even when combined with the simplest of trousers, the result will be flawless.

On the wrist

You hardly think about it but the foulard it can also become a beautiful and scenographic bracelet. To coordinate in colors and patterns with the rest of the outfit or to choose it in contrast for an even more result eye-catching. The brand Silk Philosophy he creates beautiful ones also decorated with a metal ring, in many different patterns. But it is perfectly fine to tie the carré or the bandeau that we already have at home.

Bikini effect

Tired than usual costume? Why not renew the top piece with a patterned print foulard and in full color? Just take a fairly large model, fold it up to transform it into a long band and then, starting from the back, wrap it around the bust crossing it. And finally tie it behind the neck. A’styling idea which also applies to evening looks, combined with palazzo pants or long skirts. THE crossed topsby the way, I am one of the trend strong of summer.

At the waist as a belt

Simple, fast and yet too often overlooked, the idea of wear the silk yoke like a belt should be considered more often. The reason? First of all it is a makeup that gives a positive twist to the most anonymous of clothes. Not only in color and appearance but also in silhouette, giving the possibility to renew it. But also why, in the suitcase, scarves take up much less space than belts. And, unlike the latter, they can be used in a thousand different ways.

To decorate sandals

This is really the idea that was missing. When you think about how to use a scarf in the summer no one can think of weave it into a pair of sandals with heels making them become to the slave. The brand Jimmy Choo he thought about it and presented his deluxe version. And the trick works. Even in mode DIY. Thus the most minimal model of shoes becomes a flamboyant accessory which alone makes every look special. Minimum effort, maximum yield.


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