Pauline Ducruet as Grace Kelly: red rose and cinema

Pauline Ducruet as Grace Kelly: red rose and cinema

Pauline Ducruet cinema (Ipa)

Diver, entrepreneur and now an actress. Pauline Ducruet aims at the cinema with a documentary about her life. Staying everything on the beauty of her soap and water (Ipa)

Not just charm, charisma and personality. Grace Kelly he also passed on more to his niece Pauline Ducruet. She is the true heir of the Princess of Monaco. The reason? The daughter of Stephanie and her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet is about to debut on the big screen. According to reports from Variety, in fact, she will be the star of Forming, documentary about his life produced by Calabasas Films and Media.

A royal at the cinema, therefore. Just like grandma Grace Kelly, a Hollywood diva. And like her, Pauline will bet everything on charm soap and water. For the debut, the new royal actress, in fact, focuses on a refined and natural style. Only underlined by nude make-up, never flashy and over the top, which limits itself to perfecting the complexion without distorting it.
Pauline lets her natural beauty do the talking.

Pauline Ducruet, princess in the cinema

Former diver, entrepreneur and now also an actress. At 28, Pauline Ducruet has a very respectable CV. In 2010 she participated in the Olympic Games. Then she, after leaving the sport, she devoted herself to fashion. After studying styling at the Instituto Marangoni in Paris and fashion design at the Parsons School of Design in New York, she did an internship at Vogue and Louis Vuitton.

In 2019 she designed her sister-in-law Marie Chevallier’s wedding dress. You have created Alter, a gender fluid and sustainable brand. And her creations of hers debut every season at Paris Fashion Week.

And all of this will be discussed in the documentary on his life, which began shooting in March in Paris. Pauline will tell about her life as a royal who works, a princess halfway between the rebellious Stephanie and Grace Kelly. And, perhaps, she too will tell about her relationship with the world of beauty, between court protocols and the desire to show herself, with her ideal of beauty. Inspired by simplicity and freedom. Just like mom Stephanie.

Make up soap and water

To understand Pauline Ducruet’s relationship with beauty, just take a look at her Instagram profile. In most cases, there is no trick. So much so that he is not afraid to show himself to followers even with dark circles and some skin imperfections. And, when the trick is there it is barely perceived: a touch of blush, a touch of gloss on the lips and a pencil stroke on the eyes.

A choice in contrast to when as a child she loved to wear make-up, especially in the years spent around the circus, as you can see in this photo. In 2001, in fact, mother Stephanie fell in love with the elephant trainer Franco Knie and followed him with the circus company, taking her children with him.

Those, however, were other times. Now Pauline likes to be daring with some extravagant beauty touches only on rare occasions. Like in this photo shared on social media, where she proudly displays her bright purple eyeshadow.

Passion for lipstick: like grandma Grace Kelly

Good blood does not lie. If Pauline were to choose the beauty product she couldn’t do without, this would be the lipstick. Check out this Instagram post: the lips of the Monegasque royal shine redevergreen of all lipsticks.

Does it remind you of anyone? Yes, just her. Grace Kelly in one of the photos that have remained in history. Of course, the traits of the two are different. Like hair and complexion colors. Very blond and ethereal grandmother, Pauline flaunts a messy brown hair, in perfect harmony with her natural beauty choice. Sometimes she collects them in a ponytail or a simple bun. Lipstick, on the other hand, unites them. It is a beauty accessory that Pauline does not give up. Maybe because she helps her remember her famous grandmother. She of which she has now chosen to follow in her footsteps.

Grace Kelly AP

Grace Kelly in one of the most famous images of the princess actress (AP)

Discover the most beautiful photos of Pauline Ducruet in the gallery.


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