Teeth whitening: masks and treatment kits

Teeth whitening: masks and treatment kits

And get ready to smile like never before because after one teeth whitening, professional or home, you will want to show your smile to the whole world. A very popular aesthetic treatment, although the color of the teeth is – in reality – absolutely individual. And, of course, determined by bad habits like smoke, coffee, tea, licorice and artificial colors.

A really harmful mix for the teeth, which end up being stained, extinguishing the smile. This explains the importance of indulging a teeth whitening treatment from time to time, even using a home or DIY kit.

Nothing overly invasive. The color pigments to be eliminated, in fact, yes deposit in the hard dental tissues and alter the surface coloring of the teeth, causing a progressive yellowing. Be careful, however, in the event that the spots are caused by drugs. If so, the alterations may arise on a deeper level. The purpose is the same: make the smile white and shiny, perfect.

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All types of professional teeth whitening

In general, there are two types of teeth whitening: by rubbingor mechanical whitening, e through bleaching substances, or chemical whitening. In both cases, these are treatments that can be done at home or in a professional dental office. Before proceeding with teeth whitening, however, it is necessary to clean them thoroughly. That’s why it’s always good to run one teeth cleaning to ensure a bright smile.

The purpose is remove tartar and plaque. Generally, the most used technique is the one that involves the use of a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate, which act by cleaning the tooth surface. At this point, you can proceed with the actual teeth whitening.

How to whiten your teeth professionally: bleaching

Teeth whitening should be done every 6-12 months, depending on your needs. The most used technique is the bleaching and exploits the action of chemical whiteners and LED lamps which favor its deep action.

In most cases a containing gel is used hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The first acts superficially and requires 2-4 applications of about 15 minutes, while the second is used through special masks for teeth whitening and must be left on for 30 minutes.

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In addition to teeth whitening gels, there is the possibility of bleaching them with a laser. In this case, hydrogen peroxide is spread on the tooth surface and irradiated with the laser. The heat, in this way, will activate the hydrogen peroxide and release free radicals able to penetrate into the tooth structure, breaking down the molecules of the stains and eliminating them.

There are, of course, potential side effects. One could experience, for example, a ‘excessive thermal sensitivity or having sore gums. Among the contraindications, however, there are the presence of tooth decay, pregnancy, breastfeeding and, in a sense, the price. The cost of teeth whitening, in fact, can be between 300 and 600 euros.

Teeth whitening with pharmacy and do-it-yourself kits

The easiest way to whiten your teeth at home is to use abrasive toothpastes, which can generate sufficient abrasion to remove stains. The only contraindication, in this case, is linked to improper use of the product, which could ruin the enamel.

The teeth whitening trays, created and customized by the dentist. Inside, gel whitening substances, which – left on for between 30 minutes and 8 hours – can give a whitening effect equal to bleaching.

At home, then, you can also use the whitening strips or whitestrips. These are whitening adhesives, which must be adhered to the teeth and left on. Although easy to use, this kind of teeth whitening kit has more than a few drawbacks: low efficacy and guaranteed results only for a few months.

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The do-it-yourself remedies for teeth whitening

Of course, there are numerous do-it-yourself remedies to whiten your teeth. Among the simplest is it rubbing of sage leaves on the teeth, but also the pulp of strawberries and lemon peel.

Treatments that are best avoided due to the acidity of the ingredients, which could attack the dental enamel. The best solution to get whiter and brighter teeth? Relying on the best whitening kits and products. Discover them in the gallery.


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