Winnie Harlow, model with vitiligo: make up and skin care

Winnie Harlow, model with vitiligo: make up and skin care

It affects 1% of the world population

Which means that, around the world, around 100 million people suffer from vitiligo. A still unknown disease, perhaps autimmune, as declared by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. According to some hypotheses, it would be linked to an excessive reaction of the immune system which, by mistake, attacks the melanocytesthe cells which produce melanin. The reality is that this pathology has a long way to go. Both in the research and knowledge of causes, cures and remedies, as in the raising awareness on the issue.

A very special skin condition, celebrated every 25 June, since 2011. There are those, however, who have no need for World Vitiligo Day to remind the world how much this disease can make you special. Just like Winnie Harlow, model with vitiligo who achieved fame thanks to courage, social networks and Tyra Banks, who discovered her and made her participate in her very famous talent show, America’s Next Top Model.

Today, Winnie Harlow is much more than the girl bullied and depressed due to vitiligo born in Toronto in 1994. In addition to being one of the most famous and sought-after supermodels of the moment, Winnie is a model for anyone suffering from Vitiligo. As she herself stated, “nYou can’t let someone else lower your self-esteem, because it wouldn’t be called self-esteem otherwise”.

In short, a model to imitate. Especially because – alongside the new Ken with vitiligo and the inclusive Barbie dolls with vitiligo and alopecia – Winnie Harlow has been able to reverse the perspective on vitiligo. And on make up for enhance it and never, never, never hide it.

Winnie Harlow vitiligo

Photo by Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images for Campari

Winnie Harlow: the skin first of all

Beauty is diversity. Kasia Smutniak taught us this with her AR filter to simulate vitiligo a few years ago. On the other hand, beauty also means taking care of yourself. The spots caused by vitiligo, in fact, are permanent and must be protected, especially from the sun. More than enough reason for Winnie Harlow to found Cay Skin.

Activist for incisiveness, Skin Positivity and self-acceptance, has chosen to create a line dedicated to sun protection. For all phototypes and for any type of skin, even hers. A very personal story: Winnie, in fact, decided to create Cay Skin after getting sunburned during a photo shoot.

On the other hand, Winnie Harlow’s is also a lesson in normality. Although Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, this does not mean deprive yourself of small pleasures like a day at the beach, provided with the right protection. In a bikini, then, the very particular pigmentation of the skin with vitiligo will be even more beautiful.

How to fix vitiligo?

It is forbidden to think of the camouflage effect, word of Winnie Harlow. Vitiligo must be enhanced with make up. The key, in fact, is treat your skin normallyworking on the base, contouring the face and adding lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

The most important factor to consider is, of course, the double skin tone. Precisely for this reason, suggests the make-up artist Cristina Barducci, «it can be useful to use foundation and fluid concealer. By doing so, it will be possible to emphasize the natural contrast of the skin ». Liquid formulations are ideal, to be able to work with precision, especially that of the concealer.

“Working with creams, then, you need to even out the skin with powder. In this case, it must be a transparent face powder, in order not to whiten the darker areas of the skin, nor to make the lighter ones gray ».

The ultimate secret to enhancing vitigiline like Winnie Harlow is use the bronzer. «By concentrating on the external part of the face, the effect will not only be that of sculpting the features, but will allow to emphasize the contrast with the skin previously lightened with the corrector“.

Once the base has been prepared, all that remains is to play with vitiligo and, perhaps, exploit it for create a creative and unexpected make-up. Find out how to do it in the gallery.


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