Hair by the sea: ideas for natural and carefree hair

Hair by the sea: ideas for natural and carefree hair

The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the wind, the sound of the sea… e natural hair, worn without worry. Hair in freedom, in short, which seem to want to recreate the mood sensual and very natural by Brook Shields in blue Lagoonreleased in theaters on August 5, 1980.

Times, however, have changed and the very long hair of the Shields has given way to imperfect hair, truer. No more perfectly smooth and fluffy lengths, but haircuts that appear almost freaked out by the sun, wind and saltiness.

An effect carelessthat puts aside the pursuit of red carpet perfection in favor of a disheveled naturalness. Hidden under the hair accessories of summer 2022 and woven into the most beautiful summer hairstyles, the new hair trends tell of a less glossy style. A mood that, of course, has already conquered the stars who have chosen to experience summer 2022 with one castaway-chic style.

Hair to the sea: naturalness at all costs

Hair in freedom has already conquered the stars who, between imperfect lightening, semi-frizzy curls and unkempt lengths, have made relaxed hair a real must for summer 2022. The first to clear the trend was Jennifer Aniston. Straw hat and sunglasses, put her in the foreground her curly, unruly hair. Crespi, even.

The holidays gave Halle Berry a certain urge for rebellious curls as well. After the platinum blonde tint, in fact, the actress has abandoned any desire to fold in favor of curls messy. Disheveled from the wind and free to move.

Habitue of selfies without makeup, even Gwyneth Paltrow has been transformed for the occasion of summer 2022. For once, in fact, the star has renounced her perfect straight hair in favor of an undisciplined hair. The lengths, in the shots on Instagram, even appear tangled (discover them in the gallery!).

Undoubtedly, however, the queen of the “castaway-chic” style is Salma Hayek. Lover of the ocean, the actress mixes wisely wet effect and broken lengthsnaturally curled by the sun and salt.

Discover in the gallery all the stars who have chosen to abandon styling and rigor, showing themselves with natural hair.


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