models, designs and brands of those of the stars i | Friend

models, designs and brands of those of the stars i | Friend

While Dua Lipa explore the desert with a one-piece swimsuit, Kim Kardashian poses for photos on the dream beaches of the Dominican Republic. The 2022 costume season is finally back e the stars never miss an opportunity to affirm their style. From models to the trendiest brands: they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Under the umbrella or by the pool, here’s everything you need to know (and copy) about their summer looks.

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The (highly sought after) brands most loved by the stars

If you are still looking for a swimsuit to impress in 2022, the list of the brands worn by the stars is constantly updated. They range from the beautiful minimal-chic models from Tropic of Cbrand of supermodel Candice Swanepoel to those with the perfect fit of Reina Olga. While Gigi Hadid collaborates with Frankies bikini, for a collection with a country-chic flavor, Kendall Jenner bets on Sommer Swim. Etra in the ranking of the most popular also the Italian Bikini Loversfollowed by La’Mariette, Isa Boulder and Skims.

Bikini, trikini or one-piece swimsuit?

The real secret to appear neat and with a trendy look even at the beach is choose a costume that suits your style and physical. The bikini transforms itself into a timeless classic. To which small changes are made such as thin laces on the hips, very small cups and intertwining games on the front and back. Back in the celebrity beach bag (and not only) the whole costume, in a retro or floral version. Versatile and comfortable, it becomes a graceful bodysuit when needed. As well as the trikini, more glamorous and detailed brother of the one-piece costume. That with strategic carvings and fluid shapes enhances the waist and slims the figure.

Costumes 2022: the trends of the stars

But before even moving on to choosing the brand and purchasing, it is better to consult what are the t’sendenze costumes 2022. Some obvious and obvious, others more sought after, copying the stars ensures an up-to-date outfit at the last second. We move from vintage and very retro designs, to ultra essential ones and minimal colors. The crochet also conquers the beach fashion, with tops and briefs in pop colors, while some celebs prefer basic models, to be accessorised as needed. We are witnessing the great return of the one-piece swimsuit and trikini. Welcoming very long laces to tie on the body, an essential detail of the trendy models of the season.


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