Vinegar Coke on Tik Tok: Is It Good? expert opinion

Vinegar Coke on Tik Tok: Is It Good? expert opinion

vinegar coke on Tik Tok

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We had recently told you about the internal detox shower based on chia seeds, or the one with aloe juice, which the people of Tik Tok are already addicted for another type of drink. Is called Healthy Coke and nothing more than a soft drink that can be easily reproduced at home with just a few ingredients. Made with balsamic vinegar and any fizzy drink (sparkling water, tonic or other …), this concoction is advertised as a healthy alternative to sugary cola. Well yes, now everyone wants to try vinegar coke on Tik Tok. But what is it really? And most importantly, is it true that she is so healthy?


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The boom of vinegar coke on Tik Tok

Not a week goes by on Tik Tok without a seemingly “healthy” new trend blowing up the view counters. Coca cola with vinegar is the latest gimmick that already has millions of views. According to many creators, it would be enough to mix balsamic vinegar (the equivalent of a spoon) and sparkling water to enjoy a taste equivalent to coke.

The idea was shared by creator Amanda Jones (@mandyvjones), who claims she heard it from her pilates instructor. And so, her recipe for “healthy Coca-Cola” received nearly five million views and went viral. Many are now taking part in the challenge and proposing this drink as ahealthier option to take when trying to lose weight or detoxify. Especially in recent weeks, in view of the costume test.

vinegar coke on Tik Tok

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A mix that is anything but healthy

If the recipe, on paper, doesn’t seem to be so appetizing, what about its vaunted “nutritional properties”? What about the impact on health? Dietitian-nutritionist Alexandra Murcier warns: although the drink contains only two ingredients that are not connoted as “bad” for health, “what doesn’t mean it’s a good idea consume them in this way ».

First of all, vinegar is not meant to be drunk. “And it can be dangerous for people who have gastritis, ulcers, reflux.” Secondly, even sparkling water, in high doses, is not recommended. “It is the richest water in salt and can promote hypertension.” So she continued. Finally, «this drink turns out to be more aggressive than the one it should replace…». Additionally, many users recommend adding a few teaspoons of sugar to the drink if the need arises. “Adding sugar to this strange mixture is definitely not a good idea. We must not forget that balsamic vinegar also contains sugars ».

Can Coke Really Be Substituted?

The nutritionist is therefore categorical: “better to drink a real Coke every now and then rather than this strange and unhealthy drink as it claims to be ». Because the question to be ridden is not whether to demonize a food or a drink. Maybe replacing it with a new “healthy” version (which, very often, is not). But to find a balance in which pleasure still finds its place in the world.

However, if you are in the moment of detox from fizzy drinks it is all well and good. The specialist then recommends resort to flavored teas or cold infusions (homemade or not), which will allow you to «gently reduce addiction. By offering something less sweet which is therefore less addictive. What’s more, it doesn’t risk attacking the stomach ».


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