Actress Ni Ni is the new Lancôme Ambassador

Actress Ni Ni is the new Lancôme Ambassador

Ni Ni beauty ambassador Lancome 2

Courtesy of Lancôme Press Office

No source, no beauty tool is as powerful as the happiness. An awareness that led toChinese actress Ni Ni and Lancôme to meet and to try to give a new meaning to the idea of ​​beauty and uniqueness. It is Ni Ni, in fact, the new one Lancôme Global Skincare and Fragrance Ambassador.

A woman with a gentle and genuine enthusiasm, unique thanks to her vision of beauty. «I wish that every woman can follow her path and reach her goals through education ». Because beauty is also self-realization, as well as happiness. And Ni Ni knows perfectly well.

“We are proud that Ni Ni is part of the Lancôme family. He has a special bond with our values: positivity, strength and authenticity», Says Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme Global Brand President.

The language of beauty, however, is not only that of joy and self-determination. Ni Ni, in fact, perfectly embodies the balance between modern personality and intelligence and refined elegancealmost luxurious.

Actress Ni Ni beauty ambassador Lancome

Courtesy of Lancôme Press Office

Ni Ni and Lancôme: towards a new femininity

She became famous in 2011 for her performance in The Flowers of War, Ni Ni is a successful actress, both on TV and in the theater. In addition to being a fashion icon. A professional background that led her to be convinced that the idea of ​​femininity should be more inclusive.

Beyond the physical aspect, in fact, they are intelligence, confidence, poise and happiness to determine a new way of thinking about female beauty. And to make women an inspiration.

Courtesy of Lancôme Press Office

Courtesy of Lancôme Press Office

What makes Ni Ni special is also her ability to live in the moment. Appreciating every single moment, in fact, is the gem to live happily. And so, be more beautiful.


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