Infrared Laser Knee Massager Heating Physiotherapy Instrument Shoulder/Elbow/Knee Vibration Massage Rehabilitation Pain Relief

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Smart Knee Massager


Item type:Smart Knee Massager


Rated Voltage:3.7V

Input Current:DC 5V=2A

Battery Capacity:3000mAh

Charging Time:3-4Hours

Continuous working time:1-2Hours




Product Include

1*Main Machine

1*USB Cord




  1. 4 in 1 knee massager. Vibration, heating, infrared and laser are combined to provide relief for the knees, draining their effusion and rejuvenating them.

  2. Infrared and laser irradiation. The dual light sources can reach deep layers of the knee to promote blood circulation, relieve stiffness and increase vitality.

  3. Uniform Hot Compress. Can generate uniform heat to activate multiple key joint nodes and dispel coldness, thus achieving a comprehensive effect.

  4. High-frequency Vibration. Can simulate human massage by performing an all-round massage to the knees. It effectively release pressure.

  5. Convenient to use. It features enlarged LED screen, wireless design, 100% knee fitting contour, Type-C port, adjustable velcro, and explicit indicator.


  1. Fasten the product around a knee.

  2. Long press power button to enter auto mode.

  3. Short press to turn on/off infrared or laser.

  4. Short press vibration button to adjust intensity.

  5. Short press heating button to adjust temperature.

Note: The machine will auto-off after 2 minutes’inoperation.


The following must be understood before use, otherwise it maycause damage or danger.

  1. Have leg nerve disorder or skin sensory disorder.

  2. Have metal, silicone or plastic material injected into the knee due tofracture or surgery.

  3. With inability to sense heat.

  4. Have knee sequelae due to traffic accidents, etc.

  5. With implanted medical electronic devicethat are easilyaffected byelectromagneticdevices, such as cardiac pacemaker.

  6. Have lost temperature perception.

  7. With malignant tumor.

  8. With heart disease.

  9. Unstable at the beginning of pregnancy or shortlyafter giving birth.

  10. Diabetes causes perceptual impairment.

  11. With scars on the skin.

  12. People with osteoporosis, severe fracture, sprain, muscle pain, acute painshoulduseunder the guidance of a doctor.

  13. This product is not a medical device and is not recommended formedical use.

  14. This product contains lithium battery. Please do not disassemble,modify, immerse in water or throw into fire by yourself, otherwise itmay cause damage to the product.

Additional information

Brand Name






Item Type

Massage & Relaxation



Model Number


Item Name

Smart Knee Massager


Infrared Light Knee Massager

Feature 1

Knee Infrared Instrument

Feature 2

High-frequency vibration massage will release the fatigue

Feature 3

Relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints

Feature 4

Relieve knee rheumatic arthritis

Feature 5

Relieve rheumatism and shivering

Feature 6

Laser Infrared Heating Knee Massager

Feature 7

Laser Light Therapy Knee Massager

Fit for

Shoulder/Elbow/Knee Massage


Wireless Relaxing Massage Knee

Type 1

LCD Touch Screen

Type 2

Infrared Laser Knee Massager

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