Infrared LED Light Therapy Belt 850nm / 660nm Light Wave Recovery Muscle Pain Wound Repair Relief Shoulder Wrap USB Charging

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Infrared LED Light Therapy Wrap Arthritis Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Shoulder Belt Brace USB Charging Muscle Relax Shoulder Wrap

This therapy wrap can sooth muscle and relieve shoulder pain, make you relax. Portable design, convenient for use and carrying.


  • The belt is stretchable with a rubber band, convenient to adjust.

  • Infrared LED light goes deep into joints and soft tissue, effective physiotherapy.

  • Suitable for soothing muscle and relieving shoulder pain, make you relax.

  • Help to promote blood circulation, a good assistant tool for treatment of arthritis.

  • Portable design, USB charging, convenient for use and carrying. It can be used at home and travel.

  • Made of quality material, safe and durable for use.

  • Conform to ergonomic design, fit well with body parts.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Shoulder Therapy Wrap
Color: Black
Lamp Bead Quantity: 60pcs
Input Voltage: 5V
Light wave: 3 levels (660 nm / 850 nm / 660 nm and 850 nm)

Feedback From Buyers:

Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt
20 Minutes Per Day Treatment Reliet Relief Your Pain
1.Auto Shot-Off Timer
2.LED Red Lights
3.Infrared Ray
4.Heat Belt

Skin is Divided Into:Epidermis/Dermis/Hypodermis/Muscle(top-down order)
660 NM Led Red Light
Is absorbed by skin tissue at a high rate,especially effective in promoting skin health and increasing collagen production,It can accelerate cell metabolism and is beneficial to skin repair.

850 NM Near Infrared Light
It is invisible to the body and can penetrate deeper to reach your bones,tissue,organs,and joints,to reduce muscle pain and inflammation,It is good for skin, can repair scars, remove crow’s feet, and is good for body growth


1. Switch

2. Timing (5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 minutes, or always on)

3. Addition and subtraction (1 / 2 / 3 / 4, a total of 4 files. For rough skin, use a large number, and for tender skin, use a smaller number)

4. Switching (switching light wave length, 660 / 850 / 650 & 850 nm, 3 gears in total)

Dual Chip Design
660nm Red Light(Visiale) & 850nm Infrared Light(Invisible)

Detachable Pad

Ergonomic Power Pocket

Package Inclould:
1*Red Light Therapy Pad
1*Detachable Cleaning Lay
1*Elastic Bandages
1*Wired Controller
1*Exquisite and Small Box(Easy to carry without taking up extra space)

Suitable for
1.Knee 2.Elbow 3.Lower Back 4.Shoulder 5.Neck 6.Abdomen

Additional information



Number of Pieces

One Unit


Composite Material


Release Pain From Illness

Item Type

Braces & Supports



Model Number

Shoulder Therapy Wrap



light wave

660 nm / 850 nm

Lamp Bead Quantity


Input Voltage



20 Minutes




Over 50000 Hours


255*133*5 mm/1300mm

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    the guy just left my stuff on the drive way that any one can grap my package. He should left on front porch and ring the bell. Need seller to talk to deliver company.

    Color: Exquisit Sets Size: 6 X 10 Inch

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