About me Desi
About me

The history of Doris Queen MaLL


I am Desi.

Let me say something about myself first and then about my idea for Doris Queen Mall.

I live in the United Kingdom, but I am originally from Bulgaria. 

I studied in Bulgaria under a communistic study method which was actually a very good, detailed and meaningful method of studying and then I graduate with 4 diplomas all together in Business and IT and the last one is a bachelor degree in Business Management and Cisco Certificate. In my whole life when I was a child I was playing with dolls and imaging that I have a business, but I never thought I will actually start my own as that was never put in my mind as an idea. My parents were always telling me to study a lot so I can get a good job. But that was not what I wanted. But at the end of the day, people’s plans could be different from God’s plans.

The idea of Doris Queen Online Mall came very unexpectedly. One day I just click on an ad to create an online store and I created it just for fun, but with time I realise that I could actually make a bigger and better business with this. Then different ideas hit me and I started looking for options and opinions on how to make it better and successful. I realise I want to make not only an online store, but I would like to give a chance to different creators or innovative brands to have a chance to sell their products through my online store too, so you can really see different styles here, not only just an online shopping store.

My idea is to create an online mall where you can relax, a place where you can learn how to design your home, or how to combine clothes to get the best look, a place where you can learn about yourself by taking interesting quizzes, health and beauty tips and just an online mall for spending some free time also. 

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